Blogging on Purpose: avoiding another cyber “stream of consciousness”

pic of laptopWell, I’ve stated what I’m not planning for my blog, i should probably explain what my intentions are. So here is what I hope to accomplish with my blog:

1. To provoke thinking – I hope I will be able to offer a perpective on various issues we face in life that will cause people to think deeply. How should Christians interface with our culture? What redeeming qualities are left to gleen? How can we ensure our thinking is rooted to Scriptural truth?

2. To provide resources – Through various book reviews, references to sermons, and Bibliography recommendations, I hope that this blog will provide helpful discipleship resources.

3. To answer questions – The more I work with people, the more I realize that people have questions… sometimes they are embarrased to ask them. I pray that God will use this blog to help people who are looking for answers.

4. To inform, influence, and help people for the sake of God’s kingdom – As a Christian, this is embedded in everything I do.

5. To have fun – As my kids get older, my family is able do more fun activities and explore more fun places. I’d like to have a place to record and share these experiences through photos and videos.

In the interest of full disclosure (because everyone who posts prose on the internet fully discloses everything), I’d like to mention a few personal goals.

1. To grow in my ability to write. I’ve primairly written on an academic level, but my hope is to keep up my writing skills, while broadening my style range.

2. To grow in my ability to communicate. As a pastor, a lot of what I do requries an ability to communicate. I think that communication is like a lot of other disciplines in life– “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Also, I don’t think you ever “arrive” when it comes to communication skills — there’s always room for further development.

3. To increase my website, photography, and videography skills. While I think I can generally hold my own in the world of “tech,” at least as an amatuer, I have always wanted to do more with photography and videography in addition to writing. I hope a blog will fill the creative void deep in my soul that has been longing to break free! Actually, nothing so dramatic– I just think it will be a good platform for developing these interests.

4. I like to read enriching, thought-provoking books. But I’d like to retain more of what I’m reading and have more of it benefit others — I hope this blog will accomplish that.


So I’m starting a new blog, but it’s not THAT kind of blog!

I don’t want this blog to be…

…a series of written sermons. I already get to preach frequently so I don’t feel the need to do that here. Actually, I want to say up front that I hope folks will make a distinction between what I preach and what I blog. I try very hard to make sure that what I preach is clear truth derived from Biblical statement. In fact, if i give my opinion from the pulpit I try to make sure that everyone knows it is just my opinion. But this blog will have a lot of my opinions, musings, and philosophy, and while I do hope my thinking is Biblically based, it must not be given the same weight as the preaching of God’s Word.

…dogmatic venting. All too often blogs are nothing more than expressions of thoughts that are overly dogmatic about subjects that do not require dogmatism. I’m dogmatic about the gospel according to Scripture, but whether seafood is as tastier than beef steak, well, there is no reason for dogmatism.

…narrow minded. Perhaps, the biggest problem with blogging, e-mail, and Facebook posting is that it doesn’t allow for a healthy exchange until after an article is posted. In reality someone can think they have something completely figured out, but without proper peer review/input it is little more than a narrow perspective derived from a tightly-wrapped yet under-developed thought process.

…a public diary. I don’t think there is anything wrong with journalling. Even public journalling is probably fine, as long as the information shared does not hurt anyone and is not overly personal. But suffice it to say, I’m not really desiring to journal. I think a simple Facebook or Twitter post works fine for that.

So what are the purposes of my blog? Coming soon.