7 Initial thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Decision to Legalize Gay Marriage

94307-004-B97FF4161. We must not react, but we must think.

Of course, this ruling is discouraging on many levels and we are tempted to respond in unhealthy ways that may be displeasing to the Lord and potentially harmful to His purposes. I’m calling us to think through things calmly, rationally, and most importantly, Biblically. The “I’d rather not think about it” approach should not be an option for the Christian. We’ve got to understand why this is happening, why people are making these choices, and why they think that these choices are acceptable alternatives. We must think about it and we will be asked what we think. I’m planning some articles that will help us think deeply about these issues.

2. We must not compromise, but we must stand.

One wrong reaction would be to “cave” by choosing not to state our beliefs. We might be tempted to think that it is better to skirt the issue, change the subject, or even resolve the conflict by rationalizing that “it’s ok.” Scripture does not allow for that and neither should the Christian.

3. We must not despair, but we must pray.

This ought to motivate us to pray for the hearts and the souls of men and women (and those who don’t want to be what God has made them to be). We’ve depended on political action and strategy for far to long… they have their place, but what we really need is prayer. We are utterly powerless and helpless to change people’s hearts. Only God can do that.

4. We must not asceticize, but we must mobilize.

Yes, I did make up the word, asceticize. Asceticism espouses purity through avoidance. It suggests that the best way to deal with a problem is to avoid it. The temptation for many of us is to gather our family into a cave to wait out the impending storm we know is going to occur from the moral decline of this country. But this is a time where people need see that there is a better way to live! We’ve got to live out the gospel and the way of Scripture in front of them. The end of sin is destruction — we as Christians need to be on the other end of people’s destruction — ready with the gospel of Christ.

5. We must not assume, but we must articulate.

For far too long we have assumed that people understand the Christian worldview. We think they understand the gospel simply because they have access to it and we think that people are Christians just because they claim to be. Inviting people to church is not enough. A 15 minute canned gospel presentation is not enough. We’ve got to learn to use the Word like a scalpel rather than a machete. But you can’t use what you don’t know how to use– to do so could do more harm then good. We’ve got to know the Word and know how to articulate it.

6. We must not isolate, but we must insulate.

For the Christian, isolation from the world is not an option. But the issues of gay marriage and the transgender phenomenon are uniquely new issues. Never in the history of our civilization have these kinds of sin issues surfaced in this way. I’m preparing a blog article that will suggest ways that we can protect our kids from these current problems and equip them to face these kinds of challenges. To be candid, I’m still thinking through these issues myself, but i will try to offer some help in this area.

7. We must not panic, but we must be prudent. 

Despite the assurance of the pundits on the news, I do think that there will be legal challenges that Christian businessmen and churches will face. I’ll discuss how Christians and churches should plan on protecting themselves for as long s possible.

“Stay tuned” for more articles to come and if you have questions or concerns regarding this important cultural issue please let me know!


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